Feeling stuck in the rat race?

Have an endless to-do list but no motivation?

Looking for a jump-start on a new adventure?

Positive Momentum Project can help! 

Founded in 2014 by Julie Ferguson, Positive Momentum Project is a goal-oriented coaching program geared toward individuals who feel like they could be doing more with their current lives, and want to make a change. Julie provides guidance, asks the tough questions, and encourages and inspires  her clients to live their fullest lives, always pursuing positive momentum. 

Julie specializes in:

  • Career Coaching

  • Military Transition Assistance

  • Financial Advising

  • Dream Discovery

  • Life Road-mapping

  • Motivation and Accountability

  • Entrepreneurship Coaching

Julie also blogs about her own "positive momentum project" that she calls life. She talks about the professional: career advice, goal setting tips, financial advice, and inspirational encounters. And the personal: her childhood and family life, her career, personal testimonies, and the many adventurous trips she takes around the world!

Follow the PMP blog, and if you're ready to get a jump start on your life goals, send me a note!

About Me

About Me